Problems of the First World

Which cell provider do I want, AU or SoftBank?  AU has better service, but most of my friends are on SoftBank, and you get free calls and texts between SoftBank customers – and when calls are 50 cents a minute and 5 cents a text, it will add up (there are no calling/text packages in Japan).  Do I get the iPhone 4 or 4S?  You have to buy the phone up front here, so it’s either $250 for the 4 or $600 for the 4S.  Is it really worth it to get the 4S?  What if I lose it? That’s $600 dollars down the drain.  Do I want to get a car or stick to public transportation?  Public transportation will get you just about anywhere, but what if I go to IKEA and buy a bunch of stuff?  I don’t want to bring it back on a train. But parking and car insurance are hundreds of dollars a month and if I hit someone the penalties are much harsher than in the States. Hmmm… Where should I live?  I could get a fantastic apartment in Zushi, overlooking the beach with a view of Mt. Fuji.  But Zushi is pretty quiet except for in the summer.  Should I live somewhere that is lots of fun only three months out of the year, or live in a large city like Yokohama where there’s always something going on and I’ll meet lots of people.  And Netflix doesn’t work in Japan! What to do??

Problems of the First World.

My decisions were: SoftBank, 4, Public Transportation and Yokohama.

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