The Treatment – A Novel

If you could stop crime with a pill, would you?

The Treatment is a vision of a not-so-different world where criminals are sentenced to years of state-mandated medication instead of brick-and-mortar jails. What could go wrong? Perhaps society’s safety comes at the cost of the taker’s (those mandated to the Treatment) freedom, humanity, and perhaps their minds.

In The Treatment, Dr. Khalifa, the world’s most celebrated man, has invented the Treatment – a drug that suppresses the criminal desire in the human mind. Crime is at record lows and the wide acceptance of the Treatment has resulted in the closure of nearly all jails throughout society – and Khalifa’s incredible wealth. As he sits atop his throne and promotes his empire, two young women, mandated to consume the Treatment by law, appeal to Khalifa – his Treatment has dire consequences for society and the individual. Khalifa must decide to tear down the world he has meticulously created or continue to rule over the meek to the detriment of most.

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About the Author (me!)

This is Craig’s first novel.  His writing is inspired by his world travels and his conversations with people from all walks of life.