people are animals too

After watching animals for five days in Africa, the one thing that really struck me is how similar humans are to wild animals.  The behavior, the politics of a herd, the culture, and the fierce protection of the family and the young.

The animals create intricate path systems through the savannah.  They use known routes to travel from one place to another.  The stronger, larger, animals make the paths and all animals use them.  Think human highways and roads?  The young male white rhinoceros stays with his mother for two years until venturing out on his own, to find his own territory, to make his own life.  The young female white rhinoceros stays with her mother for three years, waiting to meet a male.  If, after three years she hasn’t met a mate, she ventures off on her own.  Think teenagers in the US?  Female lions hunt and bring kills back to the dominant male lion to eat.  Think wife pre 20th century?  Males of all animal species fight each other to demonstrate who’s stronger.  The female animals are attracted to the winners and congregate around the dominant males of the herds.  They feel more protected and know they will be provided for.  Think men fighting, showing off their money and success?  Think women’s attraction to those qualities?

We’re not that different.  We do have common ancestors.

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